Roger & Kathy / Bill & Heidi

riding BMW's (1 x R1200GSA and 3 x R1200GS)


The route, 12300 miles.

Starting Point in Key West

First day off - Yellowstone (all freeway before this)

Old Faithful

Continental Divide in Yellowstone

Yellowstone Moose

Yellowstone Moose

Packing the bikes at Haines Junction

The Ortlieb dry bags work well, they open along the side and the don't leak.

This setup worked well - no wet clothes. The bike could be loaded in less then 2 minutes (yes I timed it)

The Raven at Haines Junction (I think) - the accommodation is GREAT and the food is better

One of the many roadworks - sooo, how did they get the equipment on the side of the hill???

So far, so good.

North Pole

North Pole

Beginning of the Dalton Highway - dry

The dot on the top of the hill is Kathy going at speeds that were.... impressive

Arctic Circle

The Arctic Station in Wiseman (address is "Igloo #8, Wiseman, AK" - really)

Getting wetter - pipeline in the background

Dalton Highway

Dalton Highway - the TKC-80's worked well

Made it !!!!

Dual purpose road - Look at the sign "Road closes for Aircraft"

Calcium Carbide, baked on......

More Calcium Carbide

A lot of cleaning will be required!

Mount McKinley / Denali on a very clear day = taken from Talkeetna


Glacier Landing - incredible

Crossing from Alaska in Canada

Traffic Jam caused by buffalo - you see that every day..... right!

The buffalo seem happy enough at the side of the road

Back to Dawson Creek

and then a quick ride home to Florida..........

Many thanks to Liz at Ultraseal for supporting this trip.